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Te Kiri O Rauru Fishing Charter

Te Kiri o Rauru Fishing Charters (formerly Fluffy Duck charters) operate from the port of Whanganui. The 'Vagabond K' and her crew will take you on an adventure targeting big Snapper and Cod as they take you to the top spots off the Whanganui coast. Berthing a minimum of 10 people and a maximum of 12 the one day charters are ideal for groups based near Whanganui or further afield.


Our Logo


Te Hiku o te Tohora (Whales Tail) Strength, Power, Migration, Kaitiakitanga 

Te Hiku o te Tohora is there to remind us of the migration path of Te Kaahui Kauika along Te Ara o te Tohora. Being the path way of the whales that runs along the coast of Te Kiri o Rauru. 

Puhoro Speed, Swiftness and Agility 

Te Matau (Traditional fish hook) Prosperity, Sustainability, Hope 

Following Tikanga and utilising traditional fishing practices for a sustainable future. 

Maunga Consciousness, Higher Knowledge, Courage 

These 12 maunga or peaks are symbolic of our 12 Marae of Ngaa Rauru. They also represent the old ways of using many peaks as line ups to navigate to Tauranga Ika (Fishing Grounds). They also speak of the connections to Te Kaahui Maunga.

Manu (Birds) Kaitiakitanga, Te Kaahui Rere, Connection 

Te Kaahui Rere is our ancestry, our whakapapa, our connection to the skies and the natural environment that surrounds. 

The manu is used to find land within navigation, they also help identify successful fishing grounds from a distance if one is connected. They take care of us we take care of them. 

The Albatross - The feather of the albatross (Raukura) became a symbol of peace and pride for the people of Parihaka.

Graphic Design: Hinepuaraurangi Hawira (H11 Graphic Designs) 

Te Hiku o Te Tohora Design: Temepara Waitai 

Korero/Concept: Toiora Hawira